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Mitch Payne is a proud AUTODIDACT, Which is a self-taught person!

"We Live in 2 Worlds" is the most unique perspective of Marketing and Branding. This short FREE book will explain how businesses and lives have been affected by digital disruption.  Our Methods we have designed are geared to help business owners and entrepreneurs of all Industries.  Our Social Media Methods will teach you how to be PRESENT AND RELEVANT in both of your worlds. This step by step process will take most of the fear and confusion away and give you a plan for Marketing and Branding in your Local Markets.

Recent Public Speaking Event May 8th 2019 Clearwater, Fl. Mitch Shared "A Reason To Believe " to the restoration industry.  Rachel Adams is  one of  the Restoration Industries most respected trainers stated that the 'Payne family story needs to be heard by any and all in the Cleaning & Restoration industry. This real-world story is impactful and will make a difference in your view of our industry. Howard Wolf shared industry insight to the standards like only he can.  For More information or to have Mitch share his inspiring story please reach out to us on the contact page.

#HashtagMastery and @yourlocal is a Social Media Practice like no other you will see. Tired of the same ole advertisements on Facebook and Social Media making promises to make you a online Celebrity.

The #GossipWithMitch method will show you how be PRESENT and RELEVANT in your local Markets period.  Brand Building is the most important piece of the puzzle, "If you are not building your own brand you are building someone else's." 

#Hashtagmastery  and @yourLocal is designed for the start up business owner and all the way up to the most experienced Social Media expert.

What you will get from our Methods :

  1. How to be PRESENT and RELEVANT in your social world and your physical world.
  2. How to Post Properly on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and LinkedIn
  3. How to Build your OWN Brand
  4. Step By Step Guide on how to build a marketing & branding plan and execute your plan step by step
  5. Organize all your social media posts an the ability to be found instantly on social media.
  6. Become Searchable on the Internet WITHOUT SEO, that's right no SEO.

Tips and Tricks MOST have NEVER seen and much much more.

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About: Mitch Payne

Gossip Consulting was founded by Mitch Payne and his wife Melanie, after he spent over 20 years in sales, real estate, Marketing and Branding industry he discovered  his REAL PASSION, Helping other's succeed through training and education.

He has a unique straightforward approach to getting to the bottom of REAL life and business issues. Mitch's real life and real world experiences have lead him to better advise you than any college degree could.

"How can one person advise another on how it feels to burn your hand if you don't pick up a hot pan bare handed". He is an avid researcher and expert at building individualized modification strategies.

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