3 Essential Facts WHY Your Social Media is Failing YOU!


SERIOUSLY, some people just don't get Social Media and I hope one of those is you, yes your reading this.  I can't for the life of me understand how small business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone selling or promoting anything on the internet don't get this one SIMPLE crucial item. Your Social Media MUST be set up properly to work period and if it is not, well your just entertaining your friends and family because they are the only ones seeing it.

Fact #1- You MUST have a social media business plan.  What does a social media business plan look like. A good place to start is Picking the best online Media platforms that best targets potential clients to pay you for what you do, not your friends and family.  With any good business plan your social media needs to  have a budget.

  I recommend at a minimum the basics:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Google My Business Account 
  • Linkedin

Once you have those down you can move to VIdeo, Youtube, Instagram and Please for the love of Pete, go where your clients are.

Fact #2- There are tricks and tips to SOCIAL MEDIA,  Just like in your business that you love.  I love helping businesses and entrepreneurs understand social media is not the enemy.  Social Media takes time to understand so don't be frustrated, It may be time to Hire someone like ME to help calm the stress.  Just like any business  there are good and bad consultants, Just work with someone that is not making outlandish claims like some firms will. Work with me and I will  10x your company. Run from the Snake Oil and someone who claims they are your answer to everything they are not.

  • Here is a trick, try this Google search instead of googling your company name try this. Search your company name with an @sign in front of the name with no spaces.  The search results should be different than your common google search, take a look at your images they should be different to, this is called indexing.

Fact #3- Marketing and Branding online are crucial but not everything.  Yes we live in 2 worlds we live in the Social World and the Real World, and Both of your worlds should Match who you really are.  Like me Im very serious and to the point, but very satirical as well. It is a fine line.  SO when you see me online or talk to me in person it is the same guy, some love some don't, but your going to get ME not who i think you want to see.

  • All your Social Media Should have the same theme
  • Logos need to be clear and with a message
  • Don't forget to manage both worlds calmly its okay the only one who knows its wrong is you.

Social Media is a Business practice and you have to take it seriously, or it will seriously take you out of business.

Here is the resolve, each fact i gave you could be your plan if you don't have one. If you need help with one I would love to help calm the nerves.


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