The 5 Pain Points to Overcome & Insure Success

We have all seen these Coaches/Consultants online that make outrageous claims of success and a resume worthy of a King.  Makes me want to throw up in my mouth, Seriously I see people claiming to have done this or that, like Muhammad Ali "I am the Greatest" but just one thing, Ali could back it up. WHY doesn't anyone talk about failures.  "Failure's, trials, tribulations, and overcoming odds is what makes us who we are", not this fake botox world of online plagiarism.  Sure there are many great online coaches and consultants but when people start digging you had better button it up.  I have had many failures, pissed many people off with my style but at the end of  there were roadblocks i didn't SEE,  Just maybe this will help you.  I have listed 5 Pain Points Below to help you see it a different way.

  •  Process. Process pain points involve entrepreneurs not understanding what the process is for going from where they ARE to where they WANT to be. 

          A process pain point would be something like I don’t know how to start an                    online business. I find that the WARBOARD, yes a Sharpie and a poster                          board can help you see the Process more clearly.  Give it a Try.

  • Obstacle. Obstacle pain points are when our clients want  to do something but there is a perceived obstacle in their way. Sometimes the obstacle is REAL so how do you deal with it and MOVE ON. Don't get stuck here, if you do them reach out for help.

    For example: How do I start an online business without quitting my job? You have to work the side hustle until it becomes your main hustle.

  • Time. Not to sound like other consultants, but here is the real truth we all have the same 24 hrs.  I truly believe your days and time depend upon the type of industry or NICHE you serve.


  • Money.  AKA working capital how does one do this.  Entrepreneurs usually start off BROKE.  The effective way they leverage resources or relationship is what makes or breaks you. A money pain point relates to just that, not having any HURTS you personally and professionally and I have been BROKE.  

          An idea for resolving this pain point is a Joint Venture with another person or            company that will share in the profits of what you are doing.  This way is                      attractive sometimes because the Joint  party have no risk other that there                  recommendation. I have personally seen this have MASSIVE RESULTS.

  • The last Pain Point- YOU, Me & the person in the Mirror. Sometimes we can't get out of or own way. Paralysis by analysis Is my personal problem, my good friend and business partner always tells me to Bulletize Mitch.  To use a golf analogy, Pick the right club and trust your swing.

          Trust yourself, believe in yourself, challenge yourself, but most importantly be            HONEST with yourself.  Being honest with yourself can give you freedom you              have not felt before. Know your skillset, stay in your lane and you will avoid                  the head on collision.  Start with YOU and everything else will become clear. 

                                                     I hope this helps.    Mitch 



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