The 5 Pain Points to Overcome & Insure Success

We have all seen these Coaches/Consultants online that make outrageous claims of success and a resume worthy of a King.  Makes me want to throw up in my mouth, Seriously I see people claiming to have done this or that, like Muhammad Ali "I am the Greatest" but just one thing, Ali could back it up. WHY doesn't anyone talk about failures.  "Failure's, trials, tribulations, and overcoming odds is what makes us who we are", not this fake botox world of online plagiarism.  Sure there are many great online coaches and consultants but when people start digging you had better button it up.  I have had many failures, pissed many people off with my style but at the end of  there were roadblocks i didn't SEE,  Just maybe this will help you.  I have listed 5 Pain Points Below to help you see it a different way.

  •  Process. Process pain points involve entrepreneurs not understanding what the process is for going from where they ARE to where...
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