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Website and Social Media Buildout

"One question I get all the time is should I build a business website?

In today's world of technology and  handheld  devices  the  answer  is YES. Honestly if you can't market yourself how do you expect clients to trust you to market for them. At Gossip we build around the solutions not the problems."

Some of the popular services we offer: There will be training on each items listed below.

  • Single agent websites customized and IDX searchable
  • Custom Landing pages designed for you
  • Individual Realtor WebSites
  • Real Estate Agency Group
  • #HashtagMastery Course
  • Facebook Business Page buildout or makeover, this MUST  be built out properly.  Audit of your existing  page.
  • Instagram Business account and training  
  • LinkedIn Business to Business marketing is crucial 
  • Youtube Channel setup for your mastery level video

Most don't use any method or practice when utilizing Social Media to grow their Brand in Local Markets. Contact us today to start Gossiping Correctly

Mash Here to build with US

Branding... (poor cow)

The poor COW you don't have to be burnt in order to Build your Brand. We work across many different industries. Specializing in Marketing and Brand Building from the basic user to the advanced professional.

Services we offer:

  • Website Development- from single agent sites to large agency sites teaching you how to maximize your online presence
  • One on One brand  Building consulting
  • Logo Creation or update your current logo and Brand Look.
  • Facebook Business Page Building the right way!
  • Creating a Unique marketing roadmap that fits you and your budget
  • Gossip will also help you with your own LIKE * FOLLOW * LEARN * WATCH campaign
  • Independent market Research of your Brand and your competition
Mash here to start BRANDING

Social Media Audit

Most Business Facebook pages are set up wrong. Sorry but it is true.

Some clients have spent a lot of money touching up professional headshots but he pictures never get seen by potential clients.

We offer a Social Media Review and Gossip will provide you with your overall score and results and diagnostics to repair.

  • Facebook Business
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram Business
  • Google  internet presence, Google search results and how to improve
  • YouTube once you have achieved mastery level.

We review how they match your website and Social Message. 

It is vital to your online presence and Brand Growth to  have all your  Social Marketing Platforms operating correctly with your Website, google searches and your Pages Properly we will show you how they all result in being found on the internet.


#Hashtag Mastery

#HashtagMastery is an Online Social Media Course like no other you will take.

Tired of the same ole endless lead generation ads promising a 100X return and courses on Facebook and  Social Media.  I  was so tired of trying to find a course on Social Media that would teach me the right way from the ground up simply to build my brand and presence in my local markets. This Gossip exclusive course will teach you how to be PRESENT and RELEVANT in your local markets and give you a gameplan to execute after the course. There is no light switch to success it will take work. Any course telling you otherwise only wants your money. I want your attention and your effort. If you follow my practice and methods you will be more successful period. We teach you to be future-proof.

Below are some course highlights:

  • How to be PRESENT and RELEVANT in your social community and local community you will need to master the following
  • How to Post Properly on FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • How to Build your OWN Brand online to prepare your for real world in person marketing
  • Step By Step Guide to Google business set up, this is crucial to being found.
  • Organize all your social media posts also know as indexing.  You will be shocked how this works
  • Become Searchable on the Internet WITHOUT SEO. Come Learn the Gossip Method
  • Step by step practical application and a daily and weekly schedule for your course and life after the course
  • The POWER of the # SIgn or the hashtag  depending on your age.

Real Estate & Mortgage Consulting:

I have funded over 300 Million Dollars of Real Estate transactions in my career. I have over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry. I KNOW what it takes in the digital disruption age to at least be PRESENT and RELEVANT in your local markets. My Experience allows me to share with you some tips and practices to manage your Social World and your Real World and help you blend them both. I have authored an online course that is designed to simplify the process of social media, We don't know what we don't know? 

I realize the incredibly unique learning curve of entering into the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry it is amazing what you have to learn just to sell a home or finance a transaction. Ata minimum understanding Social media why spend so much time and emotion if your only marketing to your friends and family.  I CAN help you Lets Gossip Today,  #GossipWithMitch


Online Business Building

Gossip has all The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Gossip provides an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, and design the perfect website.

  • Online Courses: Create  and sell online courses
  • Website: Your entire business on one beautiful website. Hosting included.
  • Membership Sites: Done for you user friendly. Make money monthly by creating your niche.
  • Funnels: One click to fully functioning marketing campaigns.
  • Events: Easy to host, built-in live and automated webinars.
  • Email Automation and Follow up
  • Collect Payments: Get paid easily with a built-in shopping cart

Start making money NOW with your earned expertise.  





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